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    3. More than 17 million yuan was donated to support the disaster area

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      More than 17 million yuanwas donated to support the disaster area

      In August 2019, thedisaster caused by Typhoon Lekima touched the hearts of the Zhongdingpeople. After knowing the news, the chairman of Xia Dinghu, who was in theUnited States, immediately arranged to purchase six trucks of emergencysupplies in the disaster area and send them to the hardest hit area to meet theurgent needs. At the same time, he decided that Zhongding Group woulddonate 15 million yuan and another 2 million yuan will be donated  through the Dinghu Relief Fund, totally 17million yuan to support post-disaster reconstruction in the disasterarea. Employees of Zhongding Group enthusiastically donated money, with atotal amount of more than 450000 yuan. If there is a difficulty on oneside, there will be support from all sides. This vigorous flood reliefcampaign, from company leaders to ordinary employees, no matter donating moneyand goods or relief in disaster areas, once again reflects the Zhongdingelegant demeanor of taking public welfare as its own responsibility and charityas its essence.